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Drachenfels offers in cooperation with iPass reliable and secure worldwide dial-up into the Internet at local telephone rates. The access is independent from the provider and it is at the best rates in the respective countries.
iPass Drachenfels

Email Server & Security

Small and Medium Business

Whether by train, air or at the post – traditionally class systems enable the individual treatment of transport goods. Depending on the price or purchase quantity, quality or quantity, different rules are applied and they determine speed, comfort or security of the shipment.
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Since many years we are specialists in e-mail server & security. Our customers include DAX- listed enterprises in the automotive manufacturing and chemicals sector as well as in transportation and logistics. Complex integration of globally distributed Active-Directories or LDAP in the infrastructure is as natural for us as the provision of individual configuration and management solutions!
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ISPs and Carrier

Our products allow ISPs and carriers the provision of Cloud infrastructures and Shared platforms. We deliver "out of the box" fully multi-client systems. Delegated Administration as well as SOAP XML Web services based provisioning allow a sensational slimming of the installation and operating expenses.
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Mirapoint offers proved, appliance based solutions of highest availability for secure messaging infrastructures with centralized control and simplified management, all at minimal cost.
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Individual Software Development

Drachenfels develops individual software since 1993: special billing procedures, Web-based applications for system management or access lists management, inventories and much more. We are in charge of many successful projects with major customers and Service Providers for years and there are added more and more! Do not hesitate to talk to us on our reference list!
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Our consultants support you in many areas of your IT infrastructure, focusing on:

  • Linux & Windows
  • LDAP & Active Directory
  • E-mail Security and Mailserver
  • Routing & Switching
  • Encoding & VPNs
  • Remote Access
  • Network Management
  • Project Management
  • Inventory

We are happy to suggest you appropriate sections for your request.
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Drachenfels takes over the complete execution of Telemarketing Services. Both automated order acceptance and technical support hotline as well as classic outbound telemarketing can be handled from our technically perfectly equipped call center. Talk to us and test our services.
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